Welcome to Rugby Unwrapped click and collect.

If you have never had the pleasure of shopping in our little shop in Rugby town, here are a few things you need to know:

  • In order to reduce waste we buy our products in bulk.
  • This means each order is processed and packed individually.
  • Our products are dispensed from gravity dispensers, ski boots and containers with pumps (see our home page for further information).
  • Because of this product weights will vary and can not be guaranteed, so the price you pay on collection may be slightly different to what is displayed at check out.
  • Payment will be made on collection of goods from the shop.
  • If you require delivery please email us for details.
  • For products that are sold by weight, we have applied a minimum amount for each product. We also have a minimum order total of £10. This is due to the additional time and cost we incur in offering this service.
  • Liquids are sold by weight not volume to allow customers greater flexiblity.
  • All orders on line are packaged in paper bags and dishwasher cleaned jars and containers where appropriate.  If you wish we will take any packaging back when you order with us again, or we can collect your spare containers and keep them for your next order.